Seven 4 Para offers training for all levels of participants

TRUdefense Membership


Our TRUdefense program offers participants with unparalleled training.  The program covers physical fitness, use of force, firearms training, self-defense, tactical pepper spray, baton, restraint, home defense, ccw, tactical combat casualty care (TCCC), first aid and much more.  There is a monthly fee of $250 and clients can schedule personal 1 on 1 training or join in with other members for group training.  Our experiences around the world and out in the field have shown without constant practice, your skill level diminished greatly during a time of stress.  TRUdefense participants are constantly put in high stress scenario training similar to what elite military and law enforcement personnel go through.  This helps prepare you for real world incidents.  In fact we are so confident in our combat efficiency system, we have an “Invite your tactical friend” day where you can invite ANY one to join you in force on force training.  This allows our trainees to compare their training vs how their friend might be trained (military, law enforcement, etc.).  For more information, please call 310-212-6825.



Seven 4 Para has trained law enforcement and military personnel from all over the world for over two decades.  Our combat efficiency program helps officers or soldiers improve on all aspects of their firearms and tactics training.  Faster target acquisition, reloads, improved balance, improved arch of movement, economy of motion and vision/weapon syncing are just some of the reasons we our program has been so successful.  Military and law enforcement personnel who train here are some of the most dedicated in their fields.  Agency qualifications simply are not enough.  Force on force training using Simunitions non-lethal ammunition and use of our IES use of force simulator help keep you at the top of your game.  For departmental training, please have your training coordinator contact us.  In most cases the cost of your training here can be reimbursed to you by your agency.



Our training for civilians is the most comprehensive training available on the market.  If you are ready to take your personal defense to a whole new level, our courses and TRUdefense program is for you.  Isolation drills and training scenarios are captured in high definition at over 200 frames per second to give you extremely detailed feedback.  Our training is guaranteed to help you improve in all aspects.  Please note that subject courses are generally open to the public but we are very selective with who joins our TRUdefense program.  Please call for more information.