At Seven 4 Para, our instructors have over 50 years combined experience working in the field.  Our system is based off real world experiences and extensive high level training.  We take a lot of pride in what we do and look forward to sharing our knowledge with responsible individuals.



Jorge Quintana - Sales/Logistics

Jerry Shu - Technical Administration and product testing

Kim Ly - IT/Senior Systems Analyst




Specializing in combat and defense based pistol shooting, Eloy spent years training law enforcement and military personnel around the world.  He has several instructor certifications from numerous academies and organizations.  Eloy is the president at Seven 4 Para, works as a private military/security contractor, serves as a Law Enforcement officer and is a member of the State Guard.  He has worked as a security and training contractor internationally and has been working private security since 1999.  Students include members of US Army, US Marines, US Navy, LAPD, LASD, LPD, MPD, CPD, GPD, US Army Rangers, USMC HMX and more.



MENSA member from childhood, Art Javier graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Legal Studies. Art spent 8 years in the US Army as both Enlisted and an Officer, and attended every shooting school the service had including Army SRT (or SWAT) school, and is an SRT instructor. He is a decorated veteran and has spent an additional 16 years as a contractor working with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement as well as specialized Military units, both domestically and internationally. He is a certified NRA instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home and Outside the Home. He is a certified NRA Law Enforcement Division instructor in Pistol and Shotgun, an ASP certified Baton and Handcuff instructor and certified Glock Armorer. An avid martial artist since he was a child, he holds multiple Black Belts, a Master Weapons Instructor certification and is also a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been an instructor for the ‘Best in the West’ SWAT team competition 8 years in a row. Some of the more interesting units he has trained over his career include the Marine detachment for ‘Marine One’, the Gendarmarie Nationale (or French National Police), the Czech Special Forces, the Brazilian State Police, the Singapore Royal Commandos, the Royal Thai Army, and the Philippine National Police. He has received 14 different sets of parachute wings from various countries around the world, and believes in passing on his hard won experiences and the experiences of others to his students so that they may benefit from the most realistic and real mission oriented training possible.



An FBI trained Crime Scene Investigator/Forensic Artist; De Vona served with the Glendale Police Department in Arizona for nine years.  She was also the Southwest Director of Sales for Armament Systems and Procedures.  During her tenure she was responsible for all sales and marketing activities to the Law Enforcement and Military markets in AZ, Southern CA, NM, HI and Las Vegas.  As product specialist, she provides technology and equipment information to class attendees.