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Los Angeles County CCW Training

We have been offering concealed weapons training for over 20 years.  Our Los Angeles County CCW course is a condensed version of our 40 hour CCW program.  Our L.A. County CCW course meets the requirements set by the county for CCW application.  This course is between 8-16 hours based on prior training and/or if the training required is for renewal or initial training.  We offer the classroom training 2 different ways.  The first option is in-person in our classroom in Torrance, CA.  The second option is online via Zoom.  All participants who attend the training (online or in-person) will need to complete all of the required training before a certificate can be issued.  Missing portions of the classroom training or Zoom online course will require you to complete the training at a different time or retake the course.  The range qual will be at a local range unless a private course is scheduled.  Each weapon will be inspected by a certified armorer before the range qualification.  Any firearm deemed unsafe cannot be used for qualification in this course.

Schedule Training

To schedule training or for more information, please contact or call 424-371-6070.

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